Benefits of Feeding Raw

There is a greater awareness among pet owners these days.

The areas of health and nutrition are of utmost importance in caring for your companion animal.


Through evolution, the bodies of dogs and cats have superbly adapted to maintain health on the foods that were most easily available to them in the wild. These would have been raw foods, also known as a biological diet.

It goes without saying that the foods our pets’ bodies have evolved to thrive on throughout millions of years are not the processed, grain-based, commercial foods of the last fifty years.

Look inside your dog or cat’s mouth. Their teeth are designed for tearing into flesh, not tearing into kibble.

Natural, raw foods set up and maintain healthy, natural biochemical reactions. These biochemical reactions set up a natural line of defense - a healthy immune system - that continuously fights off bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

So by restoring your pet to his natural, health-giving diet, you can restore the myriad natural biochemical reactions that give strength to his immune system. This is the “magic” that keeps pets who are fed natural diets free of many of today’s “inevitable” diseases.

Raw food is living food. It is food that has not been processed or heated above 118°C (244°F). It's food that contains the enzymes necessary for digestion as well as all the natural vitamins and minerals inherent in the specific vegetable or fruit. Raw food is probably the only basis for optimum nutrition.