What proteins can I cook?

The Red Meats - “the ones in the red bags!” 

All Tollden Farms “Can Be Cooked” formulas come in a red bag and include the following proteins:

Beef & Vegetable
Beef & Botanical
Kangaroo & Vegetable  
Lamb & Vegetable
Lamb & Botanical
Boar & Vegetable
Boar & Botanical

How do I cook the Tollden Farms “Can Be Cooked” formulas? 

Cook from frozen or thawed on med-high heat in a frying pan with a little water or coconut oil for 3-4 minutes per side. Allow to cool slightly before serving. Do not microwave.

Why should I cook my pet’s dinner?

There are many great reasons why a Tollden Farms “Can Be Cooked” meal might be a great option for your pet!

Fresh feeding convenience! Tollden Farms “Can Be Cooked” can be prepared in advance (and refrozen!) for boarding stays, doggie daycare visits, veterinary stays, travelling or even camping! Simply cook as much as you need as directed, allow to cool, and pack in reusable containers or ziploc bags. Can be frozen or kept in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.

Have a picky eater? Some picky eaters appreciate the appealing smell and the warmth of a “Can Be Cooked” meal. This can be more appetizing and enticing to even the pickiest of pets!

Tollden Farms “Can Be Cooked” is a great option for pets recovering from intestinal surgery.

Not just for dogs! A Tollden Farms “Can Be Cooked” meal can also help your cat transition from a kibble diet to a raw diet. Slowly decreasing the amount of cooking time will help make the transition easier.

Kibble-fed dog? Tollden Farms “Can Be Cooked” makes a great fresh food topper to a bowl of kibble!

Why is some food safe to cook, but not others? 

Tollden Farms “Can be Cooked” formulas are safe to cook because they contain calcium carbonate rather than bone. Raw foods with bone should not be cooked as, cooked bone can splinter and can be dangerous to your pet’s digestive system. Even finely ground bone can be very difficult to digest when cooked and can cause serious stomach upset. Never feed cooked bones.